Custom Text Keywords

Even though VoicePad is a highly automated system used by agencies across the United States, one of the best benefits is the ability to customize. VoicePad can be customized to fit any Brokerage’s needs.

VoicePad Custom Text KeywordsMost commonly, a home buyer would text the house number or a property code from the yard sign. But with Custom Text Keywords, an Agent picks whatever keyword they want to use… the agent’s name, broker’s name, subdivision… whatever the agent wants to use! Within seconds, VoicePad returns a link to the GPS enabled mobile website, or any other website, where the home buyer can view property info.

VoicePad’s systems are the best in the industry. Want more info? Chat with us or schedule a free demo. The best thing to happen to your real estate business is Meaningful Measurable Results from VoicePad. Contact us today!

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