Full Inventory Info by Phone

VoicePad offers an impressive array of cutting edge tools to help the home buyer obtain the information about your properties as fast as possible, and to help agents track their activity to follow up with insight and knowledge.

VoicePad GPS Enabled Mobile Sites
VoicePad’s MLS System requires no app, and works with any phone, even non-smartphones.

However, some buyers just prefer the old fashioned way of calling your real estate office for information. VoicePad doesn’t let them fall by the wayside. Even if these buyers don’t have a smartphone, they can access property information simply using the touch tone. All they need to do is call phone number on the sign rider in front of your listed home and enter the house number, or property code, into VoicePad’s system. From there, they can listen to narrated, natural audio presentation about the house in English or Spanish. Your agents don’t need to record anything; it’s automatically created from the listing data.

And of course, if the buyer wants to talk to an agent, VoicePad immediately connects them to the agent using simultaneous ring technology to call up to three numbers at the same time, ensuring you never miss a call again.

If the buyer is house hunting after business hours… No problem for VoicePad! Our AfterHours Virtual Receptionist is on call 24/7/365. Your office, effectively, never closes and buyers can still get the property info they want.

Consumers can also search your entire listing inventory by phone, get an estimated monthly payment, set an appointment to tour a property and much more, all without a smartphone.

No other Lead Generation System has as many great features as VoicePad. No wonder the most successful Brokerages across America rely on VoicePad!

The best thing to happen to your real estate business is Meaningful Measurable Results from VoicePad. Have questions or want a demo? Chat with us, send an email, or call today!

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