Many Tools.  One Platform.

VoicePad is the most effective real estate marketing platform in the industry. It’s a comprehensive suite of tools under one unified central platform, designed to engage home buyers where it matters most: At the curb!

VoicePad’s core philosophy is twofold: Empower home buyers to obtain information about a home for sale immediately, from any device… and arm your agents with cutting-edge lead generation tools.

VoicePad Real Estate Lead GenerationIn today’s world, the smartphone is king and the internet is at everyone’s fingertips. So it only makes sense that on the VoicePad platform, the buyer can text the keyword or number found on your yard sign and get immediate information about the home. They can also visit a GPS-enabled mobile website to get the same information, along with photos and a virtual tour narrated in English and Spanish.

No smartphone? No problem. The buyer can simply call the number and navigate the menus by touchtone to get the exact same information.

Even if your office is closed, our AfterHours Virtual Receptionist has you covered.

But that’s only part of the story. Anytime a buyer connects with our VoicePad system, we create a trackable lead for your agents. We tag every home the buyer inquiries about through our system, leading to unprecedented insights about your buyers tastes in homes. Following up and utilizing this valuable information is a breeze.

The VoicePad system WORKS. In the last 12 months, VoicePad generated 2.9 million property inquires by calling, 1 million by text and 5 million by web views… all completely trackable.

Engage, Recruit, and Retain with the best mobile lead-gen tools on the market. The best thing to happen to your real estate business is Meaningful Measurable Results from VoicePad. Have questions or want a demo? Chat with us, send an email or call today!

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