Mobile Lead Generation

Now more than ever, home buyers are doing their own research. They’re checking all the latest real estate sites, looking at neighborhoods, and driving by homes without even contacting you. VoicePad’s industry leading suite of tools aims to get them the information they crave as fast as possible, and allows you, the agent, to track their inquiries.

VoicePad Mobile Lead Generation System
The Home Buyer Simply has to Call or Text the Keyword or Number on the Sign in Front of the Home.

Our system is extremely powerful, but to the home buyer it couldn’t be simpler. They simply call or text the keyword or number on the yard sign in front of the home. This system works whether they have a smartphone or not. They’re rewarded with immediate information about the house. They can also visit a GPS Enabled Mobile Website where they can see even more great content including photos and a bilingual narrated virtual tour of the home. The website also shows all other nearby listings.

But the real kicker is how this helps you, the agent. Whenever a buyer requests information from the VoicePad system, they are tagged. All search and call activity carries forward with identification (phone number, name and email) into the VoicePad online lead manager; letting you follow up with insight and knowledge.

This system works phenomenally well. In the past 12 months alone, 5 million people have visited our real estate’s GPS websites, 2 million have called into the number and 1 million have sent texts… all completely trackable leads.

That’s why the most successful Brokerages in America use VoicePad’s comprehensive suite of tools.

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