SmartTours – Bilingual Narrated Tours & YouTube Videos

Every property listing has to have a description, relevant home data, photos and other information. One of the best things about VoicePad is it uses this information in many different applications. One of our best examples is our SmartTours.

VoicePad automatically generates narrated tours for all your listings, with a natural sounding voice in both English and Spanish. You don’t need to record any audio presentations, as VoicePad automatically builds and updates the tour based on MLS data.

VoicePad Bilingual Narrated ToursThese tours work great on all devices, including smartphones, tablets, desktop computers, and even touch-tone phones (audio only). Our systems use “LiteStream” mobile technology to make sure the mobile tours will not buffer.

But where VoicePad tours really shine is our bilingual narration technology. SmartTours are all narrated in a natural voice, and tours are branded with your agency plus the Agent contact info. We auto-generate these tours as YouTube compatible videos as well, and automatically upload them to your Broker or Agent’s YouTube channel!

And if you have to update your listing? No problems for VoicePad! Within just 5-10 minutes of MLS or manual data changes, we update the tours accordingly.  Updates to YouTube videos will take about 1 hour.

To make the video even more pleasant, you have a choice of background music.

All these great features are just part of the comprehensive suite of VoicePad tools that make us the best lead generation and property marketing platform in the industry. Want more info? Chat with us or schedule a free demo. Contact us today!

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