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Get serious about Purchase Lead Generation

Work with your real estate agent partners to uncover new business where it happens – at the curb!  VoicePad delivers the unique mobile Lead-Gen & Listing Tool solution your agent partners ask for… by name.

Purchase Lead Pro™

The Lead-Gen Solution for Mortgage Pros:

>  Receive a copy of all leads generated by your partners’ listings
>  Branded (or unbranded) Payment Calculator
>  Work with unlimited agent partners
>  Direct pre-qualification call transfers

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Your Agent Partners will love these features

  • Build Relationships - Generate Leads
  • Complete Lead-Gen Solution
  • Lead/Activity Management
  • Easy Program Administration
  • No Recording Required
  • Top Listing Tools
  • Social Media/YouTube Videos
  • What's My Payment?
  • Upgrade To A Local Phone Number

As a Mortgage Professional, you can grow your business by building relationships with the folks who control this business – your local Realtor®. Stand apart from other loan officers by providing agents with tools that generate more business and help sell homes. It is a WIN-WIN opportunity! VoicePad Build Lasting Relationships

The VoicePad solution provides home buyers with property information – where they are looking – at the curb and on their smartphones. Each potential inquiry at the curb is a true prospect. You are notified on every home buyer inquiry – letting you turn prospects into clients.

With VoicePad you can have as many Agent Partners as you want.

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With VoicePad, potential home buyers can obtain property info by phone and text with a trackable link to your agent partner’s website. The VoicePad property hotline operates 24-7  in English & Spanish.

Home buyers call and enter the property code from a sign in the yard and hear a high-quality audio presentation that VoicePad automatically assembles in both English & Spanish. From the same phone call, home buyers can also request a text message containing a link to photos and your partner’s contact info.

VoicePad Complete Lead Generation Solution

The system captures the home buyer’s NAME/CALLER ID and sends it to you and your agent partner within seconds of the property inquiry.

This gives you the opportunity to follow up directly with the home buyer to assist with their mortgage needs…before they shop for another mortgate pro! And because you are a partner with the listing agent, a home buyer receives exceptional customer service.

We offer Property Packages for 20, 50 or 100 properties to be marketed simultaneously. It is completely scalable to your needs.

Read How VoicePad transformed one mortgage banker’s business here!  Case Study

VoicePad immediately notifies agents (via text and email) each time a potential home buyer inquires at the curb from your VoicePad system phone number. In addition, when a home buyer wants to speak to an agent, VoicePad can simultaneously ring multiple phone numbers at once to ensure these valuable home buyer calls are always answered.

VoicePad Lead Activity Management

From the VoicePad online Lead Manager, you get a complete view of your lead activity.

The Lead Manager unifies all home buyer call and text activity together and displays it by WHO, WHAT, WHERE and WHEN. Leads can also be viewed in a PDF-based Management Report or can be auto-exported as needed.

Read How VoicePad transformed one mortgage banker’s business here!  Case Study

VoicePad provides an easy-to-use online control panel. It gives complete access to your agent partners to effectively manage their listings:

  • Build/edit audio property recordings for listings with a few clicks
  • Monitor leads from each agent partner
  • Adjust payment calculator rates
  • Set up open house notifications
  • Utilize an incredible suite of listing tools

VoicePad Easy to Use Dashboard

Read How VoicePad transformed one mortgage banker’s business here!  Case Study

With VoicePad, your agent partners never need to record audio presentations for their listings (the single largest failure component of IVR call-capture systems). Now they can build them in minutes.

VoicePad No Recording Required

Simply select property attributes from a comprehensive menu of property features on the VoicePad online dashboard. VoicePad immediately assembles a high-quality property recording for the listing in both English and Spanish.

Agent partners can effortlessly review and revise recordings at any time.

Read How VoicePad transformed one mortgage banker’s business here!  Case Study

VoicePad even provides listing presentation materials – we’ve helped agents secure listings in over 300 markets in the U.S.

VoicePad Another one Sold

View a sample listing packet insert to help agents win the listing.

Home buyers drive by a listing 76% of the time before making an offer. VoicePad can help agents sell the home faster by engaging the home buyer at the curb and providing property info by phone or text any time, on any phone, day or night – using a simple ‘Info 24-7’ sign rider.

Read How VoicePad transformed one mortgage banker’s business here!  Case Study

Your agent partners’ can have their listings promoted on social media from the VoicePad online dashboard with our built-in social media tools that includes auto-posting to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ accounts.VoicePad post to Social Media

VoicePad even provides a tool for posting properties to Craigslist that can be tracked by phone number and name. Track and respond to inquiries without having to “advertise” the agents’ personal cell phone numbers on Craigslist. With VoicePad, it’s safe to be on Craigslist again!

YouTube button

A YouTube video on a property listing you’ve added to the VoicePad dashboard can be created automatically. Simply upload a minimum of 6 property photos and the system does the rest! You’ll have unique URL address for each video that you can use throughout your property marketing.

Read How VoicePad transformed one mortgage banker’s business here!  Case Study

Give home buyers the opportunity to get an estimated monthly payment while they are at the curb! This automated (and brand-able to you, the mortgage pro) payment calculator is played immediately after the listing audio presentations by phone. The payment calculator also includes a live, direct-to-you pre-qualification call transfer option.

Read How VoicePad transformed one mortgage banker’s business here!  Case Study

VoicePad Payment Calculator

A shared, toll-free VoicePad phone number is included in the VoicePad service for mortgage professionals.

Get more out of your phone number by going local. Upgrade your VoicePad phone number to a local phone number for an additional $20/month.

VoicePad Add Local Phone Numbers

Get the following features when you go local:

  • Brand your system – Customize your greeting so that your system brands you or your Team. There are customized options for each department and flexible call routing options. A branded Payment Calculator is also available (for a minimal fee).
  • Call or Text-to a local number – a local VoicePad phone number is ‘text-enabled,’ which allows consumers to text a property code directly to the phone number and immediately receive a return-text with property info and a link to your agent partner’s property web page.

With either a toll-free or a local phone number, there are NEVER any per-minute phone or per-text charges.

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Video Overview
  • “I have worked in the mortgage business for 26 years with every lead source you can imagine. The quality of leads generated from VoicePad is by far the BEST. Thank you for the ease of set up and the quality of the leads that VoicePad provides.”
    Stu Sharpe, Loan Officer, Supreme Lending
  • “Having been in the mortgage industry for 13 years, I have seen many lead-generating systems. None of them deliver the quality of VoicePad. It is single-handedly the best lead system I have ever seen. VoicePad delivers in real time 'serious buyers' and all we have to do is pick up the phone.”
    Kevin Blair, Mortgage Banker, Brand Mortgage
  • “VoicePad continues to be our best source of high-quality buyer leads-easily a 50-time return on my investment.
    As far as buyer lead-gen goes, it's a no brainer. To Your Success!”
    Lars Hedenborg CEO, The Lars Group at RE/MAX
Try VoicePad for yourself! Call 502.410.0420 today and enter code 1000!