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Automate Rental Inquiries. Improve Your Bottom Line.

“Eve,” VoicePad’s automated rental assistant, delivers updated info on rental properties to potential renters by phone or text 24/7.
She is polite, bilingual… and never takes a day off.
VoicePad tracks all rental inquiries and notifies the property manager by text and/or email providing the renter’s phone number, name and email address.

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Check out these features

  • Rental Info By Phone
  • Rental Info by Text
  • Inquiry Reporting
  • Simul-Ring Technology
  • Toll-Free or Local Phone Number

Give potential renters detailed rental property information where they are looking – from the curb – including:  Monthly rental, term, pet policies, section 8 voucher acceptance, inside and outside property amenities in both English and Spanish…without any production or recording!

Easily update property features and pricing with just a few clicks or automate it by providing a data feed!

No per-minute charges and no recording required. VoicePad delivered over 2 million inquiries by phone in just the last 12 months.

VoicePad Rental Info by Phone

VoicePad can text-enable a local phone number so renters quickly get rental info via text, in addition to the phone-based information delivery. Just text the street number (or property code) of any property available to the phone number and “voila”…all inquiries are responded-to and tracked …automatically.

Include important information in the text response (limit 144 characters), such as maintenance notification, cable, power and phone company contact info without incurring per-text charges.

VoicePad Rental Local and Toll Free Number

Each rental inquiry triggers an immediate notification by text and/or email with the potential renter’s phone number and name (not a fake email address). You get real-time actionable interest from potential renters. Let VoicePad’s automation do what your folks can’t…be available 24-7, 100% of the time. Your properties will be rented before you know it! VoicePad Lead management dashboard

All inquiries are archived on the VoicePad online Lead Manager, where you can view separate Trend and individual Property Activity reports for a complete look into your rental activity.

Never miss another call again! When a tenant or prospect wants to speak to you directly, VoicePad can ring up to three phone numbers at a same time, so you never have to miss these valuable calls.VoicePad Simulring Feature

It’s your choice. The standard VoicePad system includes a shared toll-free phone number. Or, local (un-shared) numbers are available and required if you want specific branding and text keyword functionality.

Do you have a local phone number that you would like to use? No problem. VoicePad can port your existing landline and most mobile numbers as well.

You always own your local numbers and can take them with you ­ even if you discontinue service with VoicePad… but you won’t.

VoicePad Local and Toll Free Number for Rentals

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Video Overview
  • “I just made my largest domino transaction ever thanks to VoicePad--$1.4 million. All from returning one buyer phone call. I am a true believer.”
    Debbie S., Crye-Leike Realtors
  • “I can’t imagine how I would do my business without VoicePad.”
    Mary E., Century 21 Realty Group Hagan
  • “VoicePad is a great tool. I would not list a house without it; it sells the house for me.”
    Andy D., Coldwell Banker, McMahan
  • “We feel really excited about our future with VoicePad. It not only has helped us get listings, but it has actually become our point of differentiation.”
    Melinda D., RE/MAX Creative Realty
  • “Ask me if I’m a believer in VoicePad! I’m set to close on a million dollar property-or $42,000 in commissions-from one home buyer call.”
    Don V., RE/MAX Excalibur
Try VoicePad for yourself! Call (or Text "Eve" to) 502.653.8127 today!