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Strengthening the Agent-to-Client Connection with Call Management and Lead Gen

Thanks to RIS Media for covering this topic, and for the kind words about the VoicePad solution! By Zoe Eisenberg, rismedia.com August 21st, 2015 As a real estate professional, there’s nothing more frustrating than losing a client because of a missed call or lapse in communication. But thanks to VoicePad property marketing, it’s easy to

Best Way for an Agent Team to Increase Production

RIS Media interviewed VoicePad CEO and inventor of TeamPhone, Randall Standard about his insights into the best way for an agent team to increase production… In today’s Ask the Expert column (published 4/7/15), we spoke with Randall Standard, CEO of Voicepad, a leading source for lead-generating mobile and Telecom technology, and inventor of TeamPhone, who

Why You’ll Need Text to Reach Millennials

There are 77 million reasons why real estate professionals should integrate text into your lead generation strategy. That’s the size of the U.S. Millennial marketplace, those born between the early 1980s and early 2000s, yielding an annual purchasing power estimated at $1.3 trillion. Millennials comprise one-fourth of the U.S. population, and most importantly, 85 percent

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