Curbside Lead Generation FAQ

Why do I need curbside lead generation?

Because real buyers are driving through neighborhoods looking for homes.

Most buyers these days are “not “working with an agent, they want information on demand and a way to act on that information

How does a home buyer engage with the system?

It’s simple, you leverage your existing listings by adding a rider to your current yard sign.

The rider promotes “info 24/7 “. Using a local phone number consumers can call or text in for property information.

Do I need a separate phone number for each listing?

No, listings are identified by a 4 digit code. It’s a fast and easy process to setup a listing, no recording required. Simply select the features that best describe your property from our list of options. You can even add additional comments if you like.

How will I be notified?

That’s the really cool part, as soon as the caller enters the property code, the system knows how to route the lead. The agent or agents (yes, it can ring multiple agents at the same time”) will receive a phone call. Agents get notified by text, phone call and email.

Can I have other agents take my buyer calls?

Sure, you can assign others to your ring group, as an agent you can ring up to 3 agents at once, enterprise customers can ring up to 25 agents simultaneously.

Where else can I use this phone number?

You can use this number for all of your property marketing, you even have the ability to track which sources are generating the most calls.

How will I know which marketing campaign delivered the lead?

That’s easy, at the curb the property is identified by a 4 digit code, you simply assign a 5th digit (we call it a marketing code). You can measure up to 10 different campaigns.

Are there other ways to us text in my marketing?

Absolutely, not only can text be used to deliver property information but we have opened up the platform to allow for “keyword” text. You have the ability to create a “keyword” and customize the text response associated with the “keyword”. An agent we know sends out postcards, the postcards have a tag line, “To see how Kevin sells home faster and for more money, text “Kevin” to ### ### ####”. In this example the return text delivers a video of Kevin going over his marketing plan. Kevin receives a lead about someone looking at his marketing plan. Chances are they are thinking about selling ????

Can I use this number on Zillow?

You could, but there are better ways to accomplish what you’re trying to do. There are different protocols for handling internet leads and Open House inquiries, so we suggest that you keep these inquires separate. Our “Virtual Numbers” are available with simul-ring, a floor duty scheduler, auto-call back functionality and available call acceptance. These are better suited for listing portal advertising. Virtual numbers Start at $49 /mo./ea.