On Demand Reception FAQ

What is On-Demand Reception?

On Demand Reception is a Virtual Reception technology developed specifically for Real Estate. Actually, it’s a local phone number that you can forward your office calls-to…when you need it. It can transfer calls to agents and staff by their spoken name.

Why is it called “On Demand?”

It’s available when you need it. Answer the phones when you can. Forward to On-Demand Reception when admins leave for the day. Let On-Demand Reception fill-in any phone coverage gaps (lunch, absence, weather, night, etc.). It’s a lot cheaper than a temp.

Do I need a new phone system to use “on demand?”

No. On-Demand Reception is a quick and easy way to free-up administrative staff. Just forward your office calls to a local phone number that we’ll provide you.

I have multiple office locations. Do we need a separate system for each office?

We can place multiple offices of agents into a single directory. Some brokerages want separation in their systems that offers local office management the ability to handle leads generated from their own respective offices. For example, local managers may be better suited to control their own “floor Duty” scheduling (on the provided calendar).

How reliable is the On-Demand speech-recognition?

Please read our testimonials. In a real estate brokerage, there is a need to accurately transfer calls to a large number of agents by (just) their spoken name. Many of the agents still use their maiden names. Some are known by primarily by nick names. On-Demand can accommodate multiple names and phonetic pronunciations for anyone in your company. For agents that leave your brokerage, special rules can be put in place on where to route these calls.

How are voicemails delivered?

“On demand “can take a voicemail, convert the messages into a Wave file and email them to the correct party. Voicemail messages are also retrievable from your administrative dashboard.

I have a small team. Is On-Demand Reception right for me?

If you are like most teams, you started out as a successful agent that built a business around a single phone number, in some cases that number is a personal cell phone.

That strategy can only take you so far. It’s hard to scale a business when all calls are funneled to a single phone number. We can fix that. You’ll be happier and more productive.

Can I customize the system?

Yes, we encourage customization. Each system can have a custom greeting, audio brand, and a set of call-transfer options, that are specific to a client’s needs at a particular time-of-day. We know what what is important for different brokerages.

Does on demand utilize a dial by name agent directory?

Nope, that’s old school, with “On Demand” a caller only has to speak an agent’s name and we can transfer the call to their cell phone.

How is the agent directory kept up to date?

For many of our enterprise clients the agent directory is updated from the MLS feed.
If your system is not connected to MLS data, we do have an easy way to add and remove agents on the “On Demand” system dashboard with a few clicks.

Can calls be recorded?

Yes. Inbound calls from certain menu options can be recorded (i.e. sales opportunities). You can turn call-recording “on” and “off” from your admin dashboard. It takes about 5 seconds to update. When activated, legal disclosure audio files are added automatically. Outbound calls cannot be recorded. That’s illegal in most states.

How do I control who receives the phone calls?

Each phone prompt has its own unique routing. You can schedule agent availability on a daily, weekly or monthly calendar. You can have multiple agents rung simultaneously to assure availability for certain events (sales). On-
Demand Reception features mobile-friendly administrative dashboards. So that you can change who gets sales calls….with your thumbs…in a few seconds ????

Does On-Demand separate calls from leads?

Since we (audibly) ascertain what the purpose of each phone call is about, we can indicate leads and calls differently.

Can the leads be sent to my CRM

On-Demand Reception (VoicePad) has been “dropping” leads into CRMs for 20 years. We use the most common, easiest-to-implement methods.

What kind of reports can I generate from the system?

Aggregated reporting stats that answer questions like: Why did they call? When did they call?

Are there per user or per minute charges associated with On-Demand Reception?

No. It’s easier that way. If you need process-intensive features (such as ringing 20 people simultaneously on sales calls), they can be accommodated. But, it does cost more to ring 20 people. ????

How long does it take to get a system up and running?

We can typically can have a system provisioned in 5 business days. Longer if custom voice file production is required.