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One Platform. One Dashboard. One Login. Many Tools.

VoicePad delivers comprehensive Brokerage, Team and Agent property marketing solutions all in one easy to use platform. More

Whether a property inquiry originates by phone, text, web or social media, VoicePad provides an engaging mobile experience for your clients and home sellers. Your reputation benefits from VoicePad’s immediate follow-up automation and extraordinary tracking for the real estate professional.

Allow us to show you and your team how we earned our industry-leading reputation for lead generation and automated property marketing. Prepare to be amazed.

Curbside Lead-Gen

For listing collateral, click here.

Real Estate mobile lead generation…at its best.

  • Text Search + key word marketing
  • Call-Capture (no recording required) + Lead-Gen
  • English + Spanish Narration
  • Rules-based Call + Lead routing
  • Extensive Reporting

Mobile Sites

For demo mobile site, click here.

Put your brand in their hand! (The finest Agent + Broker + Team mobile web solution in the industry)

  • IDX Mobile Expertise
  • Interactive Map Search (Active/Sold/POI)
  • Preferred Vendor Directory
  • Video Library for your unique content


Virtual Tours

 Narrated in both English and Spanish

  • Lite Stream technology.  Mobile Friendly w/ No Buffering
  • Both Branded + Non-branded versions
  • MLS Auto-Create/Update + High-Res Photo Uploading
  • School Info + Points of Interest + IDX Search (Branded)
  • ADD Compliance Solution (Audio)

Video / YouTube

  • Fully narrated:  Convertible into 20+ Languages
  • Auto-posts to your YouTube channel
  • Static links so your video links remain consistent
  • Easy Edit Dashboard:  Photos + Narration
  • Auto-Created / Updated from your Listing data
  • We can even build your YouTube page!

Virtual Reception

Cloud-based Phone Automation

  • Meet “Eve”: Your new Virtual Receptionist
  • She uses Text, Email and Simul-Ring to route your calls + leads
  • She delivers property details in both English + Spanish (IDX)
  • She works 24-7…and never takes a break
  • She’s perfect as a Brokerage After-Hours solution
  • Check out her Team-Phone Solution!


For more info, click here.

  • Auto-Posts for:  New Listings + Open houses + Price Changes
  • Automated posts triggered from Listing Data
  • Facebook + Twitter + Craigslist + YouTube + Google+
  • Agents Average:  56 views per post
  • Posts linkable to ANY property landing page


Engage with Text Keywords + Search

  • Agent keyword text marketing  (see “Sarah”)
  • Full IDX text search w/ GPS
  • Share your mobile site and listings via text and email
  • Lead notifications delivered via text for quick response
  • No per-text expenses


To see AudioStrem in action, click here.

Latinos represent the largest, underserved market in Real Estate. Introducing VoicePad’s innovative accessibility solutions for your existing website!

  • Works on any website – Easy Install
  • Updated Audio from MLS Data
  • Both English & Spanish
  • Full Inventory Audio/Residential & Rental
  • Special coding for sight-impaired devices


1. Choose Design.  2. Hit Print.  3. That’s it.

  • Instant creation automatically from MLS text and photos
  • Choose from MLS photos or import your own
  • Color + Black and White
  • Created in PDF:  Print and Email friendly

Mortgage Lead-Gen

Lenders, click here.

Position your mortgage offering within your curbside lead-gen. Smart.

  • Ensure your buyers know about your mortgage offering
  • Your payment calculator added to phone-based inquiries
  • Rates set daily by your mortgage partner
  • Leads include Phone # + Name + Property of interest/Price
  • Live pre-qual transfers to your mortgage partner


For detailed seller report, click here.

  • Quick Stats: Real-time reporting across all of your listings
  • Automated reporting by listing (calls, texts, mobile views and social media inquiries)
  • Seller Report: Automatically sent to your sellers weekly or monthly to show your value
  • Lead Notification: Texts, phone numbers and names captured in real-time
  • Lead activity export to CSV
  • Lead activity data integration via web services and REST API

MLS Automation

  • Automated setup + Goof-proof:  Virtual Tours, Video, Flyers, Curbside Lead Gen…
  • Full-Inventory search via the web, the phone and by text
  • Full-inventory tour narration (Ponder this concept for a moment…)
  • We support RESO, RETS, FTP and Upstream data formats

Rental Marketing

“Eve” handles rental inquiries by phone that you can’t. She’s bilingual + works 24/7 and keeps track of everything.

  • Let “Eve” handle your rental property inquiries, schedules showing requests & routes leads according to your rules
  • She’s available 24-7 to deliver rental property amenities by phone and text
  • She narrates audio (by phone) & virtual tours, on your rental inventory, in both English and Spanish
  • She delivers property details + deposits – availability – pet policies – background check requirements
  • She can deliver trackable links to your application process
  • She handles the inquiries (that you can’t) for a fraction of the price
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