3 Areas Agents Can Compete With Online Portals

VoicePad CEO, Randall Standard, shares his thoughts on where real estate agents have an advantage over the large online portals with serious buyers. Thanks to Inman for publishing this valuable article. Key Takeaways: Smart brokers today are discovering several places where portals can’t compete yet still deliver many of real estate’s most valuable leads. Research says that the yard sign at the curb still presents one

6 Things That Make Brokers Worry

It’s not easy to run a profitable brokerage today. Consumers demand responses in real time, competition is tough, and recruiting top talent is time consuming, just to name a few of the challenges faced by brokerages. WAV Group, a leading real estate consulting firm, worked with VoicePad to create the whitepaper “Missed Opportunities & The Broker’s Reputation”. In this whitepaper, we discuss: 6 Worries Facing Broker’s Today Interviews

VoicePad customer video – The Power of VoicePad

Keller Williams Realty Atlanta Partners Sugarloaf believes in the power of VoicePad to help their agents gain more listings and sell more homes. Watch this video from them. Thank you Keller Williams!

Biggest Mistakes New Teams Make

Thanks to Inman for publishing VoicePad CEO, Randall Standard’s recent article on growing a real estate team successfully. Adding employees to grow your business warrants a revamp of these 5 systems Key Takeaways: Teams need the right systems in place from the get-go. Without adequate infrastructure, new teams are likely to struggle in the beginning. An agent’s personal solutions don’t always work for a group. Knowing what questions

2015 Blog Index

For your convenience, here is a handy index of all our blog posts for this year. Enjoy! Mortgage Firm Says VoicePad Is His Business Model Super Success: 60 days, 9,000 Inquires “Mobilegeddon” Versus Mobile First Se Habla Español? Technology Can Solve the Language Barrier Company Spotlight: VoicePad Generates Best-in-Class Mobile Solution Why Mobile is a Must Mobile Apps or Mobile Web? 4 Ways to Improve

Look back at the past to improve the future

Every year we hear ourselves say “where did the year go?”. Once again we are at the end of another year, and as we look ahead to 2016, it is important to look back and evaluate what we learned, what we did right (or wrong), and what we can improve both at work and in our personal lives. 10 Questions To Help You Evaluate 2015 All of

Buyers are using mobile search to find a home

Google has data on everything it seems. The following is an excerpt from an article by Google earlier this year. Read the full article here. Millennials aren’t the only ones using mobile. As the market heats up, more and more house hunters are relying on their smartphones to stay competitive. In June, mobile phones accounted for 27% of total searches related to buying a home—up 19% since

How to use narration to supercharge your video tours

Thanks to Inman for publishing this latest article by VoicePad CEO, Randall Standard. Read the full article here. 

Getting Meaningful Analytics From Your Listings

Do you struggle tracking down truly meaningful statistics for activity on your listings? There seems to be plenty of analytics for online listing activity, but more importantly, there is a dearth of info on what’s happening at the curb on your listings within the VoicePad system. How many yard sign calls (or text-info requests) emanate from the curb?  How many times did these calls end

Marketing Toolkit; Are you effectively using Social Media?

We all know that today’s home buyers are using Social Media while searching for their next purchase. Social Media is important, but do you know how to market your listings across multiple social media sites? If you do, are you doing it consistently? Are you measuring its effectiveness? There is a lot to know, and for many agents it is out of their comfort zone.