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May 23, 2018

Partner Alert! Moxi Cloud Welcomes VoicePad

by Tiana Baur

In case you hadn’t heard, we have a new partner! VoicePad builds IDX (Internet Data Exchange) mobile lead generation and automated property marketing solutions for some of the most successful real estate brokerages and teams across the country, so you can see why we wanted them on the Moxi Cloud open platform.

Like the Moxi Cloud, VoicePad is able to build a custom solution from their tools and services for each brokerage, making this the ultimate partnership for a la carte customization.  The integration to the Moxi Cloud includes SSO (single-sign-on), meaning agents have one less login to remember-a growing necessity (and frankly, makes day-to-day life a little less stressful).

Randall Standard, CEO of VoicePad, said,

“Seldom do we have such an alignment of client interests as we have with the MoxiWorks partnership.  Their API documentation is excellent, and the integration process has been accomplished in a most professional manner.  MoxiWorks make it easy for agents to use our services.”                                                                                                    

On our end, we also had quite a bit to say about why we’re so excited about this particular partnership, but we’ll just give you the highlight.  Mike McHenry, VP of Moxi Cloud Partnerships & Integrations at MoxiWorks, said,

“When it comes to tools and services, VoicePad brings a variety we haven’t seen before.  It enables our brokerage clients to truly pick the options they need, without having to settle for an all or nothing ‘solution.'”                                                                        

VoicePad has a lot to offer, including: Curbside lead-gen, mobile sites, virtual tours, property videos, virtual reception, social posts, texting, audio stream, mortgage lead-gen, MLS automation, rental marketing, and flyers. Brokerages are able to pick and choose the tools and services they need from VoicePad, and they are plugged into the Moxi Cloud open platform with the rest of their unique ecosystem! For more info on each of these offerings, see below.

Tools and Services available on VoicePad:

Curbside Lead-Gen – Real Estate mobile lead generation…at its best!                                            

Mobile Sites –  Put your brand in their hand. Your brand is one of the most powerful tools you have.

Virtual Tours – Mobile-friendly, buffer-free property tours with bilingual narration. 

Video – Your property videos are automatically created and updated from your listing data.

Virtual Reception – Meet “Eve.” She narrates your tours, handles your property inquiries and routes calls to the right people.

Social – Listing data updates and triggers auto-post to your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts.

Text – Search + Share via text.

AudioStream –  Innovative website accessibility solutions.

Mortgage Lead-Gen – Position your mortgage offering within your curbside lead-gen. Smart!

Intelligence – VoicePad counts what you don’t, such as text and call property inquiry analytics. Better insights=Better decisions.

MLS Automation – Many tools… One data source.

Rental Marketing – “Eve” handles rental inquiries by phone that you can’t. She’s bilingual and works 24/7.

Flyer –  1. Choose Design. 2. Hit Print. 3. That’s it.


More info on the Moxi Cloud Open Plaform here and you can learn more about our newest addition to the Cloud here.



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