AfterHours Virtual Receptionist

VoicePad’s automated systems are constantly working to make your agency’s jobs easier. One of the most significant ways this happens is with our AfterHours Virtual Receptionist. It’s more than just a series of automated prompts. It’s the industry’s first cloud-based telecommunications solution for real estate Brokerages.

It all starts with a custom greeting tailored specifically to your agency. There’s a dial-by-name Brokerage/Team directory, and departmental extensions, or transfer any time to a live agent.

Driven completely from agent and broker listing data, AfterHours allows callers to dial the phone number on your yard signs 24 hours a day, every day, to obtain information on any active listing in your market. Audio property info is presented in English or Spanish.

AfterHours routes callers according to special business rules that you create. For example, you can deliver your mobile site to the buyer by text when they hit a certain prompt. Or you can route all calls to a specific number based on the time of day (like after closing time).

And of course, the home buyer can break out of this automated system with ease and connect to an agent. VoicePad uses Simultaneous Ring technology to phone multiple numbers at the same time, insuring the you never miss a call or a promising lead again.

All these great features are just part of the comprehensive suite of VoicePad tools that make us the best lead generation and property marketing platform in the industry. Want more info? Chat with us or schedule a free demo. Contact us today!

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