Open House Every Day FAQ

How much is the service?

$39/mo./number. 1 private number works for an agent’s entire listing inventory. Quantity discounts are available

Once I pay for my Open House Everyday Service, what happens next?

You will receive two emails. The first email is to confirm your payment. The next email will include your local Open House phone number and login credentials. The second email will arrive within 2 business days of your order. The Phone number will be operational with text-enabled keyword “OPEN” upon receipt.

How do I get signage?

Ready-to-print sign images (vector) are available to download or forward on the home page. There are a variety to choose from. Feel free to change images as required. Temporary (coroplast) signs can be made locally at any sign shop within a few days. You can forward the sign image of your choice (and the provided phone number) directly to your sign company for production.

Can I use the same phone number for all my listings?


What makes Open house Every Day safer?

Unlike a traditional open house event, nobody gets in the house unescorted. Inbound calls can be recorded for “security and training purposes.” From a text request, the agent can set available appointments with a 1, 2 or 3 hour delay. This provides the agent time to execute a vetting process.

How will I know​​​​ when a call is an Open House Lead?

All calls to your ring list participants will show the caller ID of your provided system phone number. This allows your ring participants to save your Open House number as a contact in their phone. We suggest naming the phone contact “Open House Lead”. The agent that accepts call first receives an email with the “real” caller ID as well as an option to add notes on the interaction. These notes are uploaded to the Open House Everyday dashboard next to the inquiry.

What happens when a caller hangs up before connecting with me, or one of my agents?

Without hanging up and re-dialing, the agent will be asked if they’d like to perform an immediate call-back. They will be instructed to press ”1” key to initiate the call back. Its follow-up made simple.

Who can be added to my ring groups?

As an individual listing agent, there are no restrictions on who can be included on your ring list. Subscribers to Enterprise plans can restrict whom can be added to a ring list via a predetermined directory (MLS) provided by the team or brokerage.

What if I don’t want my calls recorded?

No Problem. Each phone number Admin has a toggle button to turn “on” or “off” call recording. Call disclosure verbiage is added or removed automatically.

Can we brand our system?

Yes, Individual plans are branded to the agent (and their Brokerage).

Enterprise plans offer more customized branding options.

How do I know if an inquiry is an agent or someone already represented by an agent?

Simple. We ask them to self-identify by “pressing 1” if they are an agent, or currently represented by an agent. You can route both represented inquiries and un-represented inquires to different groups of people. You can turn on and off the agent filter via a toggle button on the phone number Admin.

As an Enterprise client, why would I need multiple Open House Every Day numbers?

As an individual agent, 1 number should suffice. Teams and brokerages that have listings separated by large distances, might want to geographically segment listings for best response-times. Some of our clients will separate their listing inventory by price with a specific groups of agents responding to properties within a similar price range. Others might want to have a separate number for use on their rental inventory. We can assist you with your Open House Every Day strategy development and implementation planning. After all, we wrote the code on this platform.

How Much are additional Open House phone numbers on the enterprise plan?

Additional Open House EveryDay Phone numbers (more than 5), on the Enterprise plan, are available for $30/mo./ea.

Is there a long-term contract associated with this service?


Can I use my Open House number as my Zillow contact number?

You could, but there are better ways to accomplish what you’re trying to do. There are different protocols for handling internet leads and Open House inquiries, so we suggest that you keep these inquires separate. Our “Virtual Numbers” are available with simul-ring, a floor duty scheduler, auto-call back functionality and available call acceptance. These are better suited for listing portal advertising. Virtual numbers Start at $30 /mo./ea.

ow does Text keyword (“OPEN”) work?

A potential buyer texts the keyword “Open” to your Open house Every Day number. They get a return text with a link to a visual scheduler. The listing agent controls appointment availability lag-times (i.e. 1, 2, 3 hours) and the last appointment time of the day (i.e. 5 p.m.). These preferences are reflected on the agent’s visual scheduler. Potential buyers are prompted for their name, best phone number and preferred email address to complete the schedule request. This information is collected and added to the appointment request notification.

What are some best practices for implementing an Open House Every Day?

A simple rule-of-thumb is to use Open House Every Day the first two weeks of an occupied listing (or as long as the client can keep their house clean). Use 1 week before requesting a price-reduction (it helps). Use full-time on unoccupied listings. Make sure all call recipients (agents) store the Open House Every Day phone number into phone under the directory entry name of “OPEN HOUSE.” That way, these calls are easily identified as “non-junk.”