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April 20, 2016

Like many of America’s most successful real estate broker-owners, Bill Burns, opened the doors of RE/MAX First vowing to make unparalleled customer service his franchise’s top priority.

RE/MAX First has a unique market footprint: It serves the Louisville, Kentucky Metropolitan Area, but because it borders Southern Indiana, it also serves New Albany and Jeffersonville, IN.

Burns knew that in order to effectively serve these markets and deliver on his customer-first promise, he needed to do what RE/MAX is known for: Using the best technology to support its agent sales force.

Lead Gen Focus

One of the cornerstones of RE/MAX technology is LeadStreet, its proprietary lead management system. LeadStreet captures all lead inquiries from its nationwide website, registers them, and then filters them down to individual RE/MAX agents.

RE/MAX First, like most franchises, utilizes both corporate provided leads and secure leads from other places as well.

“We obtained leads from REALTOR®.com, LeadStreet and sign calls,” says Burns.

In addition, many of Burns’s agents were also purchasing expensive leads from well-known websites.

However, agents making those expensive lead buys were experiencing, at best, limited success.

All-in-one Approach

RE/MAX First turned to VoicePad just this past December, looking for a better return on its lead purchase investment. The breadth of the VoicePad offering immediately impressed Burns.

“VoicePad has taken several mobile technologies and rolled them into one dynamic package,” Burns tells us.

“The VoicePad system is far beyond what I ever imagined, solving our mobile needs, call capture, social media management, and virtual videos,” he added.

VoicePad’s impact on RE/MAX First’s business was immediate and extraordinary.

In just the first 60 days after deploying VoicePad, RE/MAX First received more than 9,000 inquiries from call, text and mobile web, including more than 2,000 mobile site property views that also gives the agent the viewer’s name and phone number.

“VoicePad did all of this while simultaneously creating leads from each service offered,” an enthusiastic Burns explained.

“It’s amazing, and we’ve barely scratched the surface,” Burns said. “VoicePad is all it claims to be and more.”

The “Money” Ringtone

Burns shares that the high quality of VoicePad leads has led to several new initiatives at RE/MAX First, including an unconventional idea.

“I instructed all the agents to save our VoicePad phone number in their cell phone contacts as ‘Money, Money, Money’.

“Each time a buyer wants to speak to an agent, VoicePad rings the agent’s phone, and the agent has an instant representation of the value of the incoming call,” says Burns. “If the agent doesn’t answer the call, they are throwing money out the door.”

Engaging Agents

At RE/MAX First, Burns notes that VoicePad tools have also encouraged agents to be more active on social media, since VoicePad automatically creates content for posts on Facebook and Twitter.

These posts include links to the agent’s mobile site and all clicks and shares are tracked on the VoicePad online Lead Manager.

Burns has a message for real estate brokers considering a switch.

“If I had one regret, it would be not signing up with VoicePad years ago. The customer care is outstanding, and the launch team is an incredible resource. You should definitely implement the management systems they suggest.

“I promise it does work!”



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