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May 27, 2016

Thanks to RIS Media for the kind words about the VoicePad Solution and for featuring one of our satisfied customers!

By Keith Loria, May 26th, 2015

When Mike Pappas, president & CEO of South Florida-based The Keyes Company, was looking to offer an easy-to-use mobile solution that could report customer activity back to its associates immediately, he decided to implement VoicePad, the real estate industry’s premier source for lead-generating mobile technology.

While the firm utilizes Reliance Network for its company websites, lead management and CRM, Pappas opted to use VoicePad for its mobile sites because he was attracted to the integration with their yard signage, text platform and Spanish audio tour narration technology.

“It’s a full mobile platform that allows our customers to gain information via voice, text, or their mobile Internet connection immediately, 24/7,” Pappas says. “The setup process for our listings and associates is completely automated, allowing our associates to add customization as needed.”

The Keyes Company features its VoicePad phone number on all of its yard signs, allowing the company to track all leads generated from the signs, in addition to providing automated property info right at the curb, eliminating the risk of calls going straight to voicemail or having to rely on duty desk agents for support.

“VoicePad mobile sites provide quick access to property details including a quick search for active property listings and/or open houses based on the user’s current location,” says Wendi Iglesias, chief information officer for The Keyes Company. “The mobile sites are company- and associate-branded and provide immediate connection to the company or associate via a click-to-call feature.”

“Customers and associates alike love the VoicePad mobile platform,” Pappas says. “We continue to increase the usage month after month. In fact, our mobile traffic currently accounts for over half of our online traffic, and based on the inquiries we receive from our mobiles sites, I would have to say customers are responding well to their mobile experience.”

Iglesias notes that VoicePad and Reliance Network worked together to integrate the two systems, ensuring that all inquiries through its mobile platform were accounted for in its company lead platform and tracked through its lead router tool with Keyes Connect.

“Reliance Network redirects all of our mobile traffic to our VoicePad mobile sites, directing the user to a specific property details page when required based on a link they receive via email or find on another site such as Facebook,” says Iglesias. “Reliance has also incorporated eCampaigns, which help our associates promote their individual VoicePad mobile sites to their contacts within Keyes Connect.”

For The Keyes Company, VoicePad is more than mobile friendly or mobile compatible; it’s a best-in-class experience for its customers on both sides of the transaction and a business generator for associates.

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