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June 15, 2016

Recently Google announced for the first time that the number of mobile searches has exceeded desktop searches. Mobile hasn’t just arrived – it’s taking over.

Mobile in real estate is must because today’s homebuyers are on the go and they know what they want, and they want it in the palm of their hand.

Consumers crave the most current data available, and if you are not providing a real-time mobile solution to connect consumers and your agents, you’re going to lose a lot of leads.

The “mobile first” mission at VoicePad has delivered an integrated mobile technology that eliminates the need for multiple mobile vendors: From a tracking-enabled mobile website to offering simultaneous text and call lead capture, VoicePad equips agents with everything they need to land the lead.

For prospects, VoicePad puts consumers in control, as it allows the potential buyer to determine when and where they want to receive information, however they’d like.

At Comey & Shepherd REALTORS® in Cincinnati, Ohio, VoicePad has been a vital lead generation tool there for the last seven years.

As Tracy Wieland, USA director of marketing explains, “We onboarded the software system, starting with the signage and 24/7 rider. Consumers could drive by and receive an audio presentation if they wanted,” says Wieland.

Today Comey & Shepard uses one easy phone number posted on signage, print advertising or all other marketing material, allowing consumers to receive information 24/7 by calling or texting for information on any home in the MLS, or by visiting their agent’s branded, mobile website.

VoicePad has perfected automatically creating and narrating Virtual Tours, featuring photos and property details, in both English and Spanish. Everything is directly pulled from MLS data or the broker’s data. The agents and brokers do not have to do a thing. Whenever vital information is changed, the tour is updated, automatically. Agents can even edit or enhance the presentation on their own.

For Comey & Shepherd a VoicePad Virtual Tour has become an essential tool, with an adoption rate exceeding 70 percent. Wieland also finds it has become a powerful recruiting tool as well, as it helps her team make an impressive impact in a market with strong legacy players.

The key to mobile success is to deliver to the consumer the immediate information they are seeking when they are standing at the curb. When buyers are standing in front of a listing and want information on a particular house, they can call and get the listing agent, or they can text and receive a link to information about that specific property they are interested in seeing, right to the smartphone in the palm of their hand!

As more people than ever search on mobile devices for everything, including homes, it’s no longer enough to have a mobile app or provide a mobile-friendly website. You must have a complete mobile solution or your leads are going to head over to a competitor that makes mobile search easy.

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