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October 7, 2016

VoicePad has a very important question for you: Who is answering incoming calls if the receptionist is unavailable, or when you are busy showing a house, in a closing or before/after your office is open? The answer could very well be Nobody.

The team at VoicePad realized this is a common problem that hurts your business, especially in a hot market. So we developed an automated way to give callers the info they need when they call and capture those leads you were missing…you know, the callers who hang up when they get sent to voicemail or the ones where by them time someone calls them back they have found another agent or someone else’s listing. With AfterHoursTM, the 24/7 virtual receptionist, you simply tell the system when you want it to answer the phones. Use it when staff is away from the phone, when the office is closed, or use it full time 24/7.

Think about it. Many valuable leads come into the main office line after 5 p.m., when homebuyers are off work. Potential buyers are often limited to use holidays, evenings and weekends to to shop for their new homes because they’re off work. AfterHours allows you to give each lead the info they need, when they need it, even if you or your team are not available when they call.

Now, when someone calls, AfterHours will answer the call and give your new lead a variety of options, such as instantly receive a text with a link to your listing’s mobile website with up-to-the-minute property details, connect directly to you, or speak to someone about selling their home. You decide how you want calls routed – it is totally customized to your business. Much more helpful than your standard voicemail message, don’t you think?


Tap into a well of prospective new clients that would normally be lost to voicemail with AfterHours, and let the VoicePad system manage contact capture, lead distribution, and more!

Want to try AfterHours for yourself? Dial (502) 309-3687 and enter property code 6000.

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