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November 2, 2016

Do you struggle tracking down truly meaningful statistics for activity on your listings? There seems to be plenty of analytics for online listing activity, but more importantly, there is a dearth of info on what’s happening at the curb on your listings within the VoicePad system.

How many yard sign calls (or text-info requests) emanate from the curb?  How many times did these calls end in a voicemail box?  Who handled the call when the agent was unavailable?  Did the potential buyer continue their search on your mobile site?  Compiling info from various sources can be a daunting task. Fortunately, VoicePad gives you quick access to powerful, meaningful information about what’s really going-on with your listings.

We’re proud to offer our customers a variety of comprehensive data tracking and reporting tools. Reports that will help you obtain more clients, and will also help real estate brokers, owners, and managers to track the overall health of your real estate firm. VoicePad provides data for:

  • Seller Reports by Property Activity – Quarterly (report)
  • Call & Text Inquiries by mo. (info)
  • Mobile Site Views – Total Views/First Time Visitors (info)
  • Mobile Site Activity Details by mo. (report)
  • Payment Calculator – Total Accessed by mo. (info)
  • Cumulative Registered Buyers (registered in VoicePad tracking system)
  • Call/Text/Web Inquiries: by Time of Day (info)
  • Language Preference (info delivered by phone)
  • Call Distribution (over 12 mo.)
  • Top 10 Buyer Agents Activity (report)
  • Top 10 Listing Agents Activity (report)
  • Top 10 Properties Activity – Web/Text/Phone
  • Call Media Sources – Yard Sign/IDX
  • Text Media Sources – Agent Keyword/Yard Sign/IDX/Advertising/Social Media/Other
  • Mobile Site Sources – Virtual Tours/Calls/Facebook/Texts/Google+/Twitter/YouTube/Shares
  • Social Media Stats – Posts/Property Views/Distinct Users (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube)

On the individual level, agents are able to drill down into their listings with the help of our powerful Trend Reports. This report is automatically generated and available for listing agents to download 24/7 with the simple click of a button. The agent can review how many listing inquiries a property has received, with special monthly and weekly breakdowns. This quick report is comprehensive and great to share with home sellers, who are always interested in the activity on their homes.

“What we’re doing with the Trend Reports,” says Jim Metz, “Is really measuring the street level appeal of the property, and collecting data from mobile sources. This is the call and text curbside activity that’s not being tracked on your website OR the portals. It’s data that’s being collected at the curb 24-7. These are the most actionable leads in the industry.  This is the stuff that really matters.  It’s worth keeping track-of.”

As powerful as these listing-level tools are, real estate brokers, managers, and owners will be even more impressed with the brokerage level reporting tools from VoicePad.

One of our real estate partners’ favorite tools is the Lead Manager, which collects and compiles all the VoicePad property inquiries generated across the brokerage. (Lead Manager is also available for Agents with inquiries by property) This includes phone calls, text messages, mobile site views, and emails. And because they’re inquiries generated through the VoicePad system, these prospective new clients’ phone numbers are captured when they call or text from a yard sign, and their name is captured if provided by their cell carrier. Email addresses are tracked once a prospect goes to an agent or broker’s mobile site and either saves a search or marks a property as a favorite. The Lead Manager at the brokerage level is one of the best ways to quickly see where leads have been assigned.

“Typically, most brokers don’t have a clue ‘who’ is visiting their website––most web traffic is anonymous,” says Metz. “But with our system, brokers can immediately see how many properties a prospective client has viewed on their website, which properties were viewed, whether the prospective client is using the brokerage website or an agent’s website, and whether they’ve identified themselves by adding any favorites.”

A more granular report, VoicePad’s powerful Quick Stats Report gives brokers a breakdown of calls and texts by month (over a 12-month span), including statistics on live transfers to agents, mobile site views, property shares, and more (see list above).

“You can get a bird’s eye view of what’s driving traffic to your mobile site. Our specialty is migrating phone call and text traffic into trackable mobile site activity… without an email registration process.   We see a large number of people coming to the mobile site through shares, both via text message and Facebook,” says Metz. “Brokers can also use this report to gauge how effectively their agents are using the information generated by the VoicePad system in their lead management strategy.”

Perhaps the most impressive thing about the VoicePad data tracking, analytics, and reporting tools is the way each broker can find new and ingenious ways of using the them. “Really, it’s about what makes the most sense for your brokerage, and we have lots of ideas to help you get started using these tools,” says Metz.

Want to experience the VoicePad analytics and reporting tools for yourself? Schedule a free demo with an experienced member of the VoicePad staff today by calling toll-free (888) 595-7347.

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