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January 17, 2017

Get excited, because VoicePad has something amazing available for your real estate team!

Meet TeamPhone, powered by VoicePad, the real estate industry’s first automated, cloud-based phone solution that generates leads, routes calls, and creates business for you.



Recognizing that professional real estate teams are on the rise around the country, VoicePad CEO Randall Standard set out to create a system that would help real estate teams increase productivity, streamline their businesses, and improve overall customer service. The result? TeamPhone.

Standard began with the IDX/GPS-powered curbside property information technology that put VoicePad on the map. Potential buyers will call your TeamPhone phone number, listen to a customized, audio property presentation (that is automatically updated from MLS data multiple times a day), and can immediately transfer their call to an agent. Or, TeamPhone can text buyers a link to the property’s mobile landing page with a narrated property tour, available in both Spanish & English. Either way, buyers access your listing, and their contact information is captured and transferred directly to you.

Then, Standard took it a step further, and developed new technology that allows those incoming inquiries to be routed to specific agents on your team. So whether your team divides leads by round robin, zip code, property address, or time of day, the right agent will receive the right leads every single time.

But what about teams that don’t use an agent rotation system? TeamPhone has you covered there, too! Simply opt for Simul-Ring and all the agents on your team will be called simultaneously when an incoming lead occurs. Statistics show that 42% of all incoming property inquiries are terminated in voicemail, but not for your real estate team! You’ll never lose another lead due to missed calls with TeamPhone.

The coolest thing about TeamPhone is that it does even more. From GPS mobile websites with access to the entire MLS to voicemail and fax capabilities, the possibilities are endless with TeamPhone. In fact, Mark Z., team broker at MARK Z Home Selling Team Inc. of Keller Williams says,


“We couldn’t run our business on the level we do without VoicePad.”  

Mark Z., team Broker at MARK Z Home Selling Team INC. “We couldn’t run our business on the level we do without VoicePad.”

Ready to try it for yourself? Call 502-653-8127 today to hear the options TeamPhone offers your potential lead, or text “TeamOne” to this number for a link to a VoicePad powered mobile site. More info on TeamPhone at

P.S. If your team needs virtual property tours or YouTube property videos, VoicePad has a solution for that at half the cost of most providers.

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