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April 21, 2017 published this article written by Elizabeth, staff writer-cityblast

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The world of real estate tech is booming, and for a good reason.

Imagine how much easier your life would be if you could do the following:

  • During a listing presentation, you pull up a 360 degree tour of each property to show your clients.
  • As soon as someone expresses interest in your listing, you get a notification on your phone to connect with them.
  • After a day out in the field, you come back to see your social media updated with fresh content for your followers.
  • Once your buyer decides to purchase, you send over a document, have it signed and back to you within the hour.

Now imagine if your entire team of real estate agents could do that. You’d be running some kind of all-star brokerage. Imagine how much easier (and faster) you’d be able to rake up profits, cultivate leads and build your business. That’s what real estate tech can do for you, and that’s why you need to take advantage of the newest tools. In fact, according to a recent report, 45% of agents want their broker to increase the amount of technology they have. So brokers, take note of these tools. They’re the ones you’ll want to arm your team with.
(And agents, these are the tools you’ll want to forward to your brokers!)

 1. Property Shark

I have to say, I’m super impressed with what Property Shark offers. This tech tool gives real estate agents instant (and in-depth) info on any property. That’s stuff like ownership records, past pricing, permits, etc.

Imagine being able to show a report like this to a client? Even just having this library of property information at your fingertips is going to empower your team. If you believe knowledge is power, you need this in your arsenal.

 2. Voicepad

What happens to the people that drive past a listed house and become interested? Who’s there to provide them more information?
Voicepad. This real estate tech tool shows a number people can text or call on the “For Sale” sign, that’ll then send them more info on that property. They can access tours, photos, and the full listing right on their phone (smartphone or not!).

At the same time, your listing agent gets an email with the phone number and location of an informed and interested lead.

 3. Curbcall Connect

With so much digital everywhere, people are now expecting everything to be instant — their real estate included. With Curbcall, when a lead wants more information on a listing, this tool connects them instantly with an agent on your team.

When they click “connect,” your agents get a notification on their phone. As a broker, you can prioritize who gets the notification — whether it’s whichever agent’s available, or the listing agent first, etc. That way that prospect always gets help and info, and your team always gets the lead.

 4. Pipeline Wizard

If you’ve ever wanted one place to track your entire team’s goals and progress, that’s Pipeline Wizard. It’s a productivity tech tool to for real estate teams that simplifies those chunky spreadsheets, documents shared goals, and features your top achievers.

Call your brokerage simplified.

5. ReadyChat

When people browse your website, you need to be available to answer any questions they might have. But obviously, you’re not going to be sitting at your desk waiting for questions to come in all day.

ReadyChat is a livechat tool that connects any visitor on your site with a real agent they can speak to. They’ll take care of any questions, and take note of your visitor’s email and phone number. When the chat is over, ReadyChat sends you an email with that info.

And boom, you’ve got a lead.

 6. WOLFconnect

WOLFconnect acts as a central hub for your team, to connect and organize everything. So that means whether your agents are on-the-go or in the office, everyone is still on the same page.

A cool feature is that you get a platform to store, track, and distribute lead information to your agents. Agents even get digital personal organizers so everyone can access their daily tasks and resources.
LoneWolf has a huge library of tech solutions for every kind of real estate professional, brokers and agents.

7. CityBlast

When you’re busy buying and selling homes all day, do you have time to be finding fresh real estate news to post on social media every day? Probably not.
Social media marketing is a super easy thing to outsource, and CityBlast specializes in real estate social media management.

This tool has real Social Experts finding content your friends will enjoy and that’ll present you as the go-to real estate expert in their network. They post for you on topics you pre-approve, on the days you specify. They do what they do best (social media) so that you can do what you do best (buying and selling homes!).

8. DocuSign

Paper documentation is always a slow back and forth kind of thing. And when you’re closing a transaction, you and your clients just want to get it done.

DocuSign is a tool that lets you electronically sign documents either on-the-go on your phone or even just through email. Brokerages can connect teams and work in “virtual transaction rooms”. Everything’s done on mobile these days — why not signing?

9. Folio by Amitree

93% of agents communicate with clients through email. Need something to simplify your inbox?

Folio is a Chrome extension for real estate agents that works with your Gmail, automatically sorting and filing all your emails, per transaction. That means, with just a click, you can access all the emails from one client, and see all relevant files. It even sorts and labels your contacts into buyer, seller, or lender.

10. Vieweet

Vieweet is an app you can download on your phone that lets you make high quality 360 degree virtual tours. And you don’t have to have any photography skills whatsoever (perfect if you’re like me). The app shows you easy-to-follow instructions on screen — honestly, all you have to do is kind of spin around a bit with your phone.

You can then link your completed tours to your computer. And you can be sure your clients will be thrilled at the amount of in-depth information you have for them.

11. Doorsteps

Oh, the first-time home buyer… There’s so much they just don’t understand.

Doorsteps came up with a solution. Doorsteps is basically a shared work-space for you and your client, that maps out the entire home-buying journey. It shows them exactly what they need to do, why, and when. And each step that they do adds to their buyer profile, so you can keep track of everything.
Doorsteps educates your first-time buyers — which means you get confident clients that are more ready to take the plunge and buy that home.

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