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August 2, 2017

VoicePad can help you win your next listing!

Demonstrate your VoicePad complete property marketing platform to potential clients.  Show the competitive advantage your leading-edge technology brings to them.  After seeing VoicePad “in action,” sellers understand the competitive advantage your VoicePad complete marketing platform gives you as their listing agent.

Buyers who are in front of a property are the ones most likely to buy.  Savvy sellers demand an agent who can follow up with motivated buyers immediately after each inquiry.

VoicePad’s platform includes automated marketing through web, social media, virtual tours and YouTube property videos along with at the curb automation via phone, text and mobile websites.  Our multi-tool marketing platform allows buyers to engage their way.

Follow these step-by-step instructions to effectively demonstrate VoicePad’s lead generating + marketing automation technology.  Simply create an audio presentation for the seller’s home from your VoicePad dashboard; play the audio presentation to the seller; demonstrate the immediacy of the lead you receive via text and email.  Then show your Seller Report and Call Detail Log.  Be sure to use one of the three “What happens…matters” listing tools below.

Create an audio presentation of the seller’s home.

  1. Log in to your VoicePad Dashboard
  2. Click “New Presentation” or “Click to Record” button
  3. Select the type of property you are setting up and follow each onscreen prompt, entering only property features you want to highlight.
  4. Add a code to the listing to allow the caller fewer steps to select the desired property.
  5. Keep a coded sign rider in your vehicle to place on your newly signed listing contract.

Demonstrate your VoicePad system during your listing presentation.

Practice First!

  1. Make sure your text and email notifications are turned on.
  2. Use speakerphone.  From your seller’s phone, call your VoicePad sign number and enter the code (or address) for your prospective seller’s property.
  3. Let your seller listen to the audio presentation of their home.
  4. Have the seller press #2 during the call and your Mobile Site will be sent to their phone.  The presentation will restart, then after listening to it, press #1 to transfer the call to your mobile phone.  Your phone will ring; and you will receive the inquiry/lead via text and email.  Don’t forget to show them how to use and share your mobile site.
  5. Show the homeowner the text notification with caller ID and explain this allows you to contact the potential home buyers immediately after they call about the listing.
  6. Show the homeowner an example of a Detail Report  and Automated Seller Report.  To generate these reports from you own data:
    • Log on to your VoicePad Dashboard
    • Click the “Call Detail Log” or “Seller Report” button to the right of the property
    • Print or save report from here.
  7. Explain to your prospective seller that VoicePad enables you to connect immediately to people who are in front of the property, by capturing the phone number of every person who requests property information whether via a phone call, text or your mobile site.
  8. Take your presentation a further step and show how you can immediately post to to social media and YouTube right from your dashboard.  Show other examples of your instant Virtual Tours from MLS listings on your dashboard.








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