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October 20, 2017

Top Real Estate Team Leader Knows How to Capture the Hottest Leads


MARK Z., Associate Broker and team leader of MARK Z. Home Selling Team Inc. and JMZ Property Management, all working out of Keller Williams Realty serving the Detroit metro area, heads one of America’s top producing teams.  His team closes an average of more than 9 transactions per week and is on target to book more than 500 closed transactions.


The Mark Z. Home Selling Team works with a wide range of “personality types,” says Mark Z. “And, we wanted a way to accommodate every type.”  He explains that when a prospective buyer pulls up to a For Sale sign, each buyer has a distinct communication preference.  “Some people don’t want to talk to anybody, some people are looking to talk to somebody immediately and some people want a text,” he said, adding, “We didn’t want to lose a potential buyer because we couldn’t provide them with the right form of communication.”

“We couldn’t run our business at the level we do without VoicePad.”   Mark Z., Mark Z Home Selling Team


Mark Z. deployed VoicePad mobile technology to enable his team to dramatically improve its ability to capture the hottest leads to grow its business.  “Calls from the curb are some of the hottest leads in the business,” he explains.  While some agents may take the yard sign for granted, Mark Z. does not.  “It’s the most important piece when it comes to marketing properties,” he said, adding, “You know the biggest problem in this industry is getting people on the phone, actually making that one-to-one contact. That’s what VoicePad does.  It gets people on the phone, so 80% of the problem is solved.”  Mark Z. notes that with web-based generated lead conversion, the greatest challenge is simply trying to get in touch with the person.  “With a VoicePad lead, the person is on the phone and they want to talk to you,” he said, adding, “Once you get someone on the phone, the ability to convert them from a lead to a customer increases dramatically.”  Mark Z. says that once he solved this problem, the results for his team have been huge.  “We couldn’t run our business at the level that we do – 472 transactions – without VoicePad.


MARK Z. Home Selling Team Inc. sees VoicePad as a core technology that gives his team an ability to scale its business and increase its annual production year after year.  In just the last seven years, the Mark Z. team has increased its transaction volume in the Detroit metro area nearly 600%, generating $10 million in sales and over $59 million last year.  Mark Z. and his team of 17 stick to their knitting: Staying laser-focused on their core business: Providing the best customer experience.  “The real estate industry chases shiny objects all day long, but at the end of the day, it’s just a shiny object.  It all comes back to focusing on what works: And that’s getting on the phone and talking to people,” he said.





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