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January 30, 2018

VoicePad’s Automated Phone Solution for Teams

TeamPhone is the first cloud-based, automated phone solution for real estate teams that leverages the power of the MLS to generate “leads at the curb,” while also intelligently routing those leads and inbound calls to team members.

“We built this exclusive technology with this goal in mind – to help the growing number or real estate teams be more productive and more responsive to buyer needs,” says Randall Standard, CEO and Founder of VoicePad.

TeamPhone provides the industry’s only virtual mobile assistant designed exclusively for real estate teams.  The system, which is integrated with local listing data, delivers automated property information, generates leads and automatically routes calls to team members using simultaneous ring.  Its features a phone tree with team directory, mortgage quote, voicemail, and fax delivery.  Many options for customization are available.

“Agents gravitate toward teams to get to the next level in their careers,” added Standard.  But in order to be profitable, they need to be centralized, automated and always available.  Using an MLS-driven phone system as a hub allows real estate teams to establish themselves as an autonomous, highly-responsive and efficient group.  And it allows agent teams to reach consumers when they are most ready to talk – at the curb in front of a For Sale sign – routing that ready and willing buyer directly to a team member for immediate engagement.”


TeamPhone also features a branded mobile web site for real estate teams, giving buyers the ability to perform interactive GPS searches, access IDX property information, listen to auto-narrated property tours, create an account to save favorite properties, plus call or text teams directly.  TeamPhone works will all mobile devices: No hardware requirements or software to install.

Contact our VoicePad team for a demo. We’ll demonstrate how this innovation will not only boost your team’s efficiency and leads but how it also changes the quality of the follow-up protocol.  Tracking web leads by phone number and name means you’ll never look at your web marketing strategy the same again.

Ready to try it for yourself? Call 502-653-8127 today to hear the options TeamPhone offers your potential lead, or text “TeamOne” to this number for a link to a VoicePad powered mobile site. More info on TeamPhone at

P.S. If your team needs virtual property tours or YouTube property videos, VoicePad has a solution for that at half the cost of most providers. Contact us Now!

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